Dinner at Hawkesbury Race Club

2018-06-28 (4)

380 Family members and guests came together at the McCabe Function Centre of the Hawkesbury Race Club for the official dinner, celebrating the 230th wedding anniversary of Henry & Susannah. The complete menu can be seen here.

The dinner was opened by an “Acknowledgement of Country”, performed by Pauline Galloway.

After the introduction of the MC Roderick Best and the Grace by Paul Kable, Gladys Bush talked about the reunion theme “Celebrate the Children”.

Then it was time to enjoy the 3-course meal…

After the 1st course Doctor Jim Kable performed the Toast to our Ancestors Henry and Susannah and their children. After the 2nd course the guest speaker Professor Scott Kable addressed us with the topic “What a difference a generation makes”.

After the last course and before the closure of the evening the cutting of the cake and the distribution of the mini cakes was done by Sharon Lamb and Elaine Snowball in commemoration of their mother Norma Elaine Dawson.

2018-06-29 (6)

The night came to an end with a thank you to the MC Rod Best, the toast master Jim Kable, the quest speaker Scott Kable and a special word of thanks to the conveners/organisers of the reunion Jane and Johan by June Whittaker. Jane was presented with a ring, in memory of the 230th wedding anniversary, engraved with the wording “JvW 1788-2018”.


Just in case it was needed, we found Jim Kable (Swansea) willing to be the stand-in as speaker/presenter. He prepared, and is willing to share it with all of us, his backup speech.