Kable : the story of Henry Kable, First Fleet convict extraordinaire

by June Whittaker

As a continuation of the KABLE STORY, JUNE WHITTAKER, Della Scott’s daughter, a teacher, lecturer and historian began collating the Kable story as a piece of Historical Fiction, commencing with her first novel in 1981 of the Kable Saga titled “The Raking of the Embers”.
This novel was followed in 1983 by “The Flame in the Morning” and the final novel in 2002 was completed and published as “The fire in his Eye,” and was included in the trilogy as a novel titled:

The trilogy is unfortunately out of print. The other 2 books are in limited numbers available from some online bookshops, one of them is Amazon.

June Whittaker died on 08/02/2022 (age 91) in Tumbarumba NSW.

The trilogy might be available on loan from libraries, see Trove.