13 February 1988 Sydney CBD

In 1988, a family reunion saw 500 of Kable’s descendants meet to celebrate Henry and Susannah’s 200th Wedding Anniversary and the Bicentennary of Australia on the site of the first gaol in Sydney and the one that Henry controlled as the first chief constable in the colony. The event was recognised as an official Bicentennial event by the Australian Bicentennial Authority.

The place of the reunion was “The Regent Hotel”, now the “Four Seasons Hotel”. The restaurant in the hotel was officially opened and named “KABLES” and a plaque which was placed on one of the columns outside the restaurant.
diamond plaque Regent hotel

After the last refurbishment of the hotel the “KABLES” restaurant is no longer and so is the plaque. Information sought from the hotel managers about the where-a-bouts of the plaque had no results.

Reference to the Big Reunion.

Reference to the booklet written by Zillah Campbell can be found here.