Joyce Amy Seymour (1922 – 1978)

Joyce was born in Sydney in 1922.

She married in St Johns, Parramatta on 25/01/1941 to Jack Francis. Jack was born in 1918.

They had 1 son:

  • Trevor Francis

Jack died on 12/11/1947 at Royal Prince Albert Hospital in Sydney.

In 1949 in Crookwell Joyce married to James Ronald Kable. James was born in Bigga in 1927.
James father, Reuben Harold Kable, is the brother of Madeline MM Kable, the mother of Joyce.

The marriage ended in the 1960’s.
James died in 1990 in Bigga.

Joyce married for a third time, in 1965 in Sydney, to Ernest Thomas Bracken. Ernest was born in 1917 and also married before.

Joyce died on 18/12/1978 in Milton.
Ernest died on 25/04/1997 in Ulladulla.