Ida Elizabeth Geraldine Kable (1891 – 1936)

Ida was born in Bourke in 1891.

She married to William John Archibald Grant in Moree on 12/06/1915.

They had 1 child:

  • Beryl Grant (1917 – 1998)

Ida died in Sydney on 02/05/1936 and is buried in Rookwood. The inscription on the footstone mention simply “MOTHER”.

It is unknown what happened to William after Ida’s death. Indications are that he remarried and died in Queensland. Or…..

Beryl Grant (1917 – 1998)

Beryl was born in 1917 in Sydney.

She married in 1936 in Glebe to Leo Whittaker.

They had 2 children.

In 1957 in Ashfield she married to Albert Thomas Kelley, born in 1910 in Sydney.

Albert had 1 son from his former marriage with Thora Marie English:

  • Albert William Kelley (1937 – 1974)

Albert died on 17/01/1963 in RGH Concord.

Beryl died on 29/08/1998 in Strathfield.

Albert William Kelley (1937 – 1974)

Albert was born in 1937.

He married to June Elaine Spackman in Chatswood in 1956.

Albert died on 15/11/1974 in West Ryde.