William Herbert Spencer Irving (1880 – 1963)

William was born in Bathurst on 27/03/1880.

He married to Caroline Annie Butler in Petersham in 1905.
Caroline was born on 09/09/1879.

They had the following children:

  • Herbert Fitzwalter Irving (1906 – 1980)

  • Bonita Jean Irving (1911 –   ?  )

  • Joyce Phyllis Irving (1921 – 1992)

William died in Umina on 28/09/1963.
Caroline died in Umina on 26/02/1969.

Herbert Fitzwalter Irving (1906 – 1980)

Herbert was born in Burwood on 06/06/1906 and baptised on 26/05/1907 in Leichardt, All Souls Church. He was named after his father (Herbert) and Caroline’s father (middle name).

He married to Frances Preston Broadhurst in 1930 in Coonabarabran NSW. Frances was born in December 1907 in Salfold, Lancashire, UK and arrived in Australia on board the “Waiama” on 29/08/1912.

The had 2 children.

Herbert died in Cronulla on 16/01/1980.

Frances died in Orange on 01/06/2007.

Both are buried/cremated at Woronora Memorial Park.

Bonita Jean Irving (1911 –    ?    )

Bonita, or Bonnie as she was called, was born in 1911 in Marrickville.

She married to David Morris James Dawson in Hurstville on 09/04/1932. The BDM records show that David, or Bill as he was known by, was also listed with a Surname TANG.

6409/1932 TANG DAVID M J

6409/1932 DAWSON DAVID H J

David was born in Candello NSW in 24/04/1908.

They had 1 daughter.

David died in Ettalong on 15/07/1984.
Bonita’s date and place of death is unknown.

Joyce Phyllis Irving (1921 – 1992)

Joyce was born in Hurstville on 22/08/1921.

She married in 1939 in Hurstville to Robert Broderick Birrell (1915 – 1975) and in 1944 in Gosford to Lorne William Connol Brunton, born in 1918 and died in 1997.

Joyce died in Ettalong on 15/01/1992.