Vivian Oscar John Bayliss (1881 – 1972)

Vivian was born in Bathurst on 08/05/1881 and baptised on 21/06/1881 in All Saints Cathedral, Bathurst.

He married to Ellen Margaret Curtin in Bathurst in 1906. Ellen was born in West Macquarie in 1885.

They had the following children:

  • John Laurence Bayliss (1907 – 1932)

  • Frederick Michael Bayliss (1912 –    ?     )

  • Mary Mona Bayliss (1918 – 1994)

Ellen died in Newcastle NSW on 28/07/1960 and is buried in Bathurst.
Vivian died on 13/01/1972. There is no death record for him. After the death of Ellen he moved to Croydon North to live with his son Frederick and his wife Janet.  He is buried in Bathurst.

John Lawrence Bayliss (1907 – 1950)

John was born in 1907 in Bathurst.

John died on 05/01/1950 in Bathurst. At the time of his death he was a catholic priest.