Melvern Lyle Kable (1904 – 1954)

Melvern was born in Bathurst on 10/02/1904.

He married to Rita Royes Luther in 1932 in Penrith. Rita was born in 1911 in St Leonards.

They had 2 children:

  • Sally Ann Kable (1932 – 2004)

  • Michael John Kable (1935 – 2000)

Their relationship ended and Melvern remarried in 1944 in Bathurst to Betty Russel Trickett.

They had 2 children:

  • Jan Burnett Kable

  • Sonja Carmen Kable

Melvern died on 18/09/1954 in Bathurst as the result of injuries sustained by a car accident.

Rita (his first wife) died on 16/01/2005 in Belmont NSW.

Sally Anne Kable (1932 – 2004)

Sally was born in 1932.

She married to Vytautas Kranouskas in 1950 in Sydney.

Sally died in February 2004 in Batemans Bay.

Michael John Kable (1935 – 2000)

Michael was born on 22/03/1935 in Bathurst.

He married to Joyce Pidgeon in Sutherland in 1964.

They had 3 children:

  • Greg Kable

  • Roger Kable

  • Gavin Kable

Michael died on 30/05/2000 in Sydney.

Jan Burnett Kable

There are no details available for Jan.

Sonja Carmen Kable-Cummings

Sonja was listed on the electoral roll of 1977 for Ryde South together with her mother Betty.