George Mills Kable (1857 – 1929)

George was born in Rylstone on 05/02/1857.

He married to Ann Mathilda Bayliss on 05/04/1882 at Sir John Bayliss’ Farm, Bathurst. Ann was born in Bathurst on 04/02/1864.
Note: Ann was the daughter of John Bayliss who is the brother of Henry Alfred Bayliss (married Louisa Australia Kable) and Frederik Australia Bayliss (married Josephine Victoria Kable). 

Ann Mathilde Bayliss

Ann Mathilda Bayliss (Photo taken at the Bathurst Show).
Courtesy of Jane Williams.

They had the following children:

  • Hilda Aimee Mills Kable (1883 – 1962)

  • Clendon George R Kable (1884 – 1941)

  • Ilford Vivian Kable (1886 – 1947)

  • Clarice Elaine Kable (1887 – 1975)

  • Claude Bathurst Kable (1889 – 1981)

  • Earl Kenneth Kable (1891 – 1953)

  • Frederick Melbourne Kable (1895 – 1914)

  • Rupert Stanley Gordon Kable (1902 – 1980)

  • Melvern Lyle Kable (1904 – 1954)

George died in Kelso on 01/08/1929.
He is buried with his son Frederick Melbourne, who died in 1914, age 19 years young.

George was shot in 1894 and could have been dead by then. For the story in the paper see below:

Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851 – 1904)

Tuesday 10 April 1894

Serious Shooting Affray.



Report of a serious shooting affray reached Bathurst at noon to-day, and created considerable excitement, the parties engaged therein being well known residents of the Vale Road. The particulars of the occurrence, as supplied to us by Mr. William Kable senior, father of the injured man, who witnessed the whole of it, is as follows : —

Mr. Kable was proceeding with his two sons, George Mills and Ophir, to Bathurst with exhibits for the Show on a dray, and as the lane near Orton Park at its junction with the Vale Road is boggy, they made a detour and proceeded to cross a small plot of ground occupied by James Brady, which ground the residents of the locality have been in the habit of crossing for some time past. It appears that Brady resented this practice and has frequently cautioned people against continuing it, among others to receive this caution being George Kable. Brady had threatened George that he would punish him if he again crossed the land, but Kable treated the threats as idle words. The team was being driven by Ophir Kable and his brother George and the father were driving in a buggy behind. Arrived at the sliprails, which are close to the hut in which Brady resides, Ophir proceeded to take them down, but had only removed the bottom one when Brady came out and said ‘ Don’t pull down that rail or I will shoot you, having said which he returned to the hut. At this moment Mr.Kable and his elder son drove up, and George called out ‘ Take no notice of him.’ As he did so he jumped over the wheel, landing on the ground close to Brady, who had again emerged from the hut, having in his hand either a rovolver or a pistol. Without saying more George Kable proceeded to take down the top rail, and as he did so Brady pointed the weapon at him and fired. The contents of the pistol entered the body of George near the abdomen and he fell prostrate. Without loss of time his father and brother placed him in the buggy and he was driven into town a aud taken to Dr. . W.Pritchard Basnett’s surgery. The doctor at once saw that he was in a critical condition and ordered his removal to the hospital. He arrived at the Hospital with the patient and forthwith searched for the bullet, finding that it had entered in the region of the abdomen and was embedded in the muscles of the back. He extracted the bullet — which is a leaden one weighing about two ounces, and from examination of it he is satisfied that it was discharged at close quarters. The patient is in a very critical condition end the police have been apprised of the facts of the case and were at the time this was being written, proposing to take action.

The injured man is a farmer living on the Vale Road. He is 36 years of age, married, and has a family of six. He has always    taken a prominent part in the A.P. & P. Association and had extensive entries in the Show now being held.

Constable Gebrin, of the Mounted Police, subsequently went out and arrested Brady, who  made no resistance, and in defence says the shooting was quite accidental.

Ann died on 26/04/1937 at Orton Park, Bathurst.

Annie Matilda Kable Death

Annie Kable

Earl Kenneth Kable (1891 – 1953)

Earle (as registered at birth) or Erle (known as ever since) was born in Bathurst on 25/09/1891.

He married to Dorothy Sylvia Maloney in 1919 in Bathurst. Dorothy was born in Bathurst on 26/10/1893 and baptised in the All Saints Cathedral in Bathurst on 20/12/1893.

They did not had any children. They lived most of their lives at Orton Park, he as farmer and she with home duties.

Erle died in Bathurst on 13/07/1953.
Dorothy died in Bathurst on 05/06/1968.
Both are buried at Bathurst Cemetery.

Frederick Melbourne Kable (1895 – 1914)

He died on 25/09/1914 in Kelso (registered in Bathurst).

KABLE — The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. G. M. KABLE, of Orton Park, and Messrs. CLENDON, ILFORD, CLAUDE, KENNETH, RUPERT and MELVERN KABLE, Mr. and Mrs. CLAUDE FREESTONE, and Miss CLARICE KABLE are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of their late dearly beloved Son and Brother, Frederick Melbourne, to move from his parent’s residence, Orton Park, at 2 o’clock, THIS (SATURDAY) AFTERNOON, for the Kelso Cemetery.  

Source: The Bathurst Times, Sat 26 Sep 1914, p2 [Trove]

Rupert Stanley Gordon Kable (1902 – 1980)

Rupert was born at Orton Park on 23/04/1902.

He lived there till about 1940 when he moved to his own dwelling in Bathurst. He never married.

Rupert Kable grave11

Rupert died on 31/01/1980 in Bathurst and is buried in Bathurst Cemetery.