Coral Rose Kable (1913 – 1994)

Coral was born on 17/03/1913 in Rockdale and baptised on 08/06/1913 in St John Rockdale.

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She married to Edward Alfred Walker on 14/02/1950 in Parish Church, Ngaio, Wellington NZ.

Edward A Walker Age 28

Kay wrote: “My father used to play piano quite well as a young man so he and his friend Myrtle Gibson used to entertain friends with musical evenings occasionally. His favourite piece was the Rachmaninoff Prelude in C sharp minor. I don’t know how his tiny fingers reached the chords so maybe he faked it!

Edward was born in Walsall, Staffordshire, UK on 16/06/1902.

They had 1 child:

  • Margaret Kable “Kay” Walker (1952).

Coral died in Port Macquarie on 07/11/1994.
Edward died in Port Macquarie on 21/09/1995.

Kay wrote with the picture above:

This pic of my mum in her Lieutenant’s dress uniform from the army epitomises her lifelong caring role as a nurse. Everyone she nursed said how wonderfully kind and caring she was, so the photo indicates she made a career from those traits. It doesn’t show how terribly traumatised she was by the awful conditions on hospital ships and in Field Hospitals around Malaysia/Borneo/Indonesia. The Japanese used to strafe hospital ships, disregarding the huge red cross on the roof; mum was a theatre sister so she had to help with the worst wounded soldiers and she was forever haunted by the screams and groans of pain from her patients. In those days antibiotics were rare and painkillers had to be rationed so there was dreadful suffering the public never knew about.