Madge Isabel Kable (1908 – 1988)

Madge was born in Marrickville in 1908.

She married to Lancelot Tusan Rolleston in Petersham in 1935. It is unknown when and where Lancelot was born. It is believed about 1903 in Cape Town, South Africa.

They had 4 children:

  • Terence Rolleston

  • John Rolleston

  • Graeme Rolleston

  • Jill Rolleston

Lancelot died in Rydalmere on 09/12/1969.

Madge died in Killara on on 10/09/1988.

Graeme Rolleston

Graeme married to Denise Ritchie.

They have 2 children:

  • Jeremy Rolleston

  • Benjamin Rolleston

Jeremy married to Satu Aavikko, no children.
Benjamin married to Kirsten Smith.

They have 2 children:

  • Charlotte Rolleston

  • Thomas Rolleston

Personal note from Graeme:

My Grandfather William who married Rebecca had 5 daughters – Madge, my mother, being one of them & therefore as there were no sons the direct link ceased.
My mother Madge, myself & my siblings, together with our wives attended the 200th Anniversary in 1988 which was also an occasion to be remembered – my only regret is that I never purchased a plate.