Walter Leslie Kable (1867 – 1932)

Walter was born on 06/10/1867 in Pitt Town.

He married to Mary Gertrude O’Malley in 1888 in Bathurst. Mary was born in Bathurst in 1865.

They had the following children:

  • Linda Gertrude Kable (1889 – 1913)

  • Enid Mary Lola Kable (1895 – 1985)

  • Edmund C Kable (1899 – 1900)

  • Maxwell Kevin Kable (1905 – 1956)

  • Mary Meredith Kable (1910 – 1980)

Walter died in Bathurst on 29/11/1932 and is buried in Bathurst.

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Walter Henry should read Walter Leslie.

Mary died on 12/08/1956 in Bathurst.

Dedicated to the memory of one of Bathurst’s best known, and public spirited citizens, the Walter Kable Memorial gates, at the Seymour and Howick-streets entrance to the Sports Ground, were opened on Saturday afternoon by the Minister for Local Government (Mr. Spooner). Despite the inclemency of the weather, there was a fair attendance when the Mayor (Ald. M. J. Griffin) introduced the Minister to the gathering. Ald. Griffin referred in glowing terms to the work of the late Mr Kable had done for the city of Bathurst. He said he was a man who had always been thinking of the good of the city, and the gates that were to be opened that day, were a tangible recognition of his work from the citizens of Bathurst. The Minister, who was greeted with applause, said he had heard a great deal of the public spiritedness of the late Mr. Kable. and it was with much pleasure that he had been able to perform the opening ceremony. He added that Bathurst was noted for the number of men it had produced whose aim had always been for the betterment of the city, and who had made their mark in the business or political spheres of the State.
National Advocate (Bathurst, NSW),  23 April 1935.

Linda Gertrude Kable (1889 – 1913)

Linda was born in Bathurst in 1889.
The birth register list her as “Unnamed”, with the parents Walter and Mary.

Linda died on 11/12/1913 in Bathurst and is buried at Bathurst Cemetery.

Announcement in the Freeman’s Journal of 18/12/1913
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Edmund C Kable (1899 – 1900)

Edmund was born in Bathurst in 1899.

He died in Bathurst in 1900.

Mary Meredith Kable (1910 – 1980)

Mary was born in Bathurst in 1910.

She married to Eiler Nevin Andersen in 1941 in Sydney. Eiler was born in 1907 in Burwood.

They had 2 children.

Eiler died in Burwood on 14/08/1977.

Mary died in Bathurst in 1980.