Clive Harold Kable (1895 – 1983)

Clive was born in Dubbo on 06/02/1895.

He married to Doris Augusta Kirwan on 15/03/1924 in Penrith. Doris was born on 03/03/1901 in Warren.

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NOTE that there are no signatures and witnesses on the register.

They had 1 child:

  • Kevin Beresford Kable (1926 – 1972)

Doris died in Burwood on 10/07/1937.

In 1951 in Ashfield Clive married to Elizabeth Watson. She was born in 1891 and died in Camden Hospital on 25/07/1967.

Clive died on 05/11/1983 in Campbelldown.

Kevin Beresford Kable (1926 – 1972)

Kevin was born in Concord in 1926.

He married to Joyce Moore in 1956 in Ashfield.

They had 2 children:

  • Vicki Joy Kable

  • Peta Lea Kable

It is believed that both Kevin and Joyce died in 1972 in Croydon.