Jack Addis Clark (1898 – 1956)

Jack was born in Perth in August 1898.

He married to Ivie Sarah Hannah in Swan, Guildford WA on 25/11/1924.

Sue, as she was called, was born in Toxteth Park, Lancashire UK in January 1899.

They had 2 children:

  • Jacqueline Margaret Clark (1927 – 2000)

  • John Michael Addis Clark (1933 – 2000)

Serving in WWI Jack was gassed which severely debilitated the rest of his life.
His profession was dentist.

Mrs. Jack Clarke, of Bunbury, and her two children, John and Biddy

Ivie died on 16/06/1949 in Bunbury WA.

Jack died in 1956 in Perth.

Cricket 1st XI 1916

Jack was described as “The perfect Athlete” in The Westerrn Australian of 27/10/1933:

“Records may crash before the perfect athlete who can astound even himself in the supreme inter-school effort. Such an athlete was Jack Clarke, who, within a few days in 1916, set the Guildford sprint figures at 10 3-5sec., yet won the inter-school hundred in 10 l-10sec; covered the school quarter-mile in 54 1-5sec, and then the inter-school distance in 52 4-5sec. Those times have evaded capture for 16 years — so long a span that one almost hopes that they will defy time as a memorial to the most spectacular athlete who ever flashed along an inter-school track.

Jacqueline Margaret Clark (1927 – 2000)

Jacqueline was born on 11/08/1927 in Perth.

Jackie (Clark) Hill-Smith


She married to Ian Robert Hill-Smith in Wellington WA on 29/02/1948. Ian was born in 1923.

They had 3 childen, 1 daughter is deceased:

  • Peta Lynne “Pippy” Hill-Smith (1948 – 1952)

In 1955 Jackie married to Reginald Egerton Cox. Reginald was born on 04/08/1925. They had 2 children.

On 30/06/1971 Jackie married to Gordon Charles Brainerd in Billerica, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

Ian Robert died in Perth on 25/02/2006.

Reginald died in Perth in 1973.

Gordon died on 27/01/2001 in Burlington, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

Jacqueline died on 03/08/2000 in Claremont WA.

John Michael Addis Clark (1933 – 2000)

John was born in Bunbury WA on 10/01/1933.

He married to Joyce Veronica Clark in about 1963.

John Michael Addis Clark

John about 1995 (picture courtesy Ancestry)

John died on 25/07/2000 in Perth WA.