Elvie Maude Sweet (1887 – 1937)

Elvie was born in Bathurst on 09/11/1887 and baptised on 07/12/1887 in All Saints Cathedral in Bathurst.

Elvie M Sweet William Collis

She married to Wiliam Henry Martin Collis in 1912 in St Johns C/E Parramatta. William was born on 25/04/1887 in Canterbury.

They had 2 children:

  • William Alan Collis (1913 – 1965)

  • Marie Eila Collis (1914 – 1996)

Elvie died in Burwood in 1937.

After her death William also disappeared from the Electoral Rolls. William was listed as a commercial traveller. It is unknown if he died around 1939 or traveled overseas.

William Alan Collis (1913 – 1965)

William was born in Petersham on 23/02/1913.

He married to Sarah Eileen Porter in 1939 in Burwood.
Sarah was born in Willerby England on 11/10/1914.

William died in Guildford on 18/03/1965.
Sarah died in Westmead on 05/12/1999.

Marie Eila Collis (1914 – 1996)

Marie was born in Auburn on 22/09/1914.


She married to Robert George Nicholls in Strathfield on 20/08/1938. Robert was born in Adelaide on 15/06/1915.

Marie died in Winston Hills on 30/04/1996.

Robert died in Sydney on 22/05/2011.