Herbert R Stephenson (1867 – 1929)

Herbert was born on 18/06/1867 in Braidwood.

He married to Ellen Pryke in Springwood in 1902.
Ellen was born in Sofala on 28/04/1868.

They had the following children:

  • William Francis Stephenson (1903 – 1983)

  • Maude Elizabeth Stephenson (1905 – 1998)

  • Thomas Herbert M Stephenson (1908 – 1941)

  • Eva Madeline Stephenson (1912 – 1999)

Herbert died in Canterbury on 07/06/1929.
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Ellen died in Canterbury in 1947.

William Francis Stephenson (1903 – 1983)

William was born in 1903 in Sydney.

He married to Margaret Nora O’Connell in 1935 in Burwood.
Margaret was born in Burwood in 1906.

They had 2 children.

Margaret died on 09/04/1972 in Kensington and is buried in Matraville, Randwick.
William died in Kensington NSW on 18/08/1983.

Maude Elizabeth Stephenson (1905 – 1998)

Maude was born in Burwood in 1905.

She died on 29/09/1998 in Thirroul, a suburb north of Wollongong.
She is buried at Wollongong Cemetery.

Thomas Herbert M Stephenson (1908 – 1941)

Thomas was born in 1908 in Marrickville.

He died in Newtown on 12/04/1941.
Thomas is cremated and interred in Rookwood Cemetery.

On his Urn was the inscription:

“Tom. From his Lakemba friends”

Eva Madeline Stephenson (1912 – 1999)

Eva was born in 1912 in Annandale.
She married in Queensland to Robert James “Bob” Forbes.
Bob was born on 01/05/1912 in Queensland.

They had no children.

Bob died in Queensland on 12/12/1988.
Eva died in Coonamble on 11/07/1999.
Eva Madeline Forbes - death