Eva Isabel Radnor (1886 – 1965)

Eva was born in Shoalhaven on 22/04/1886.

She married to Albert Ernest Wright on 19/01/1903 in Sydney. Albert was born in Sydney on 17/04/1882.


They had the following children:

  • Doris M L Wright (1905 –   ?  )

  • Carl Albrecht Wright (1907 – 1971)

  • Irene Adeline Wright (1910 – 1964)

  • Ronald Lloyd Wright (1912 – 1988)

Albert and Eva separated early 1930. In 1945 Albert married in Mayfield to Audrey Norma Ryan (no details).

Albert died in Hexham Newcastle on 27/06/1951.


Eva married in 1944 in Guyra to Carl Lucien Williams. Eva Isabel was Carl’s second wife after the divorce of Maude Amy Williams nee Marquett (1890-1978), with whom he had 4 children.

Carl died in Newcastle on 19/06/1962.
Eva died in Hamilton Newcastle on 08/03/1965.
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Doris M L Wright (1905 –    ?     )

Doris was born in Sydney in 1905.
She was mentioned on her father’s death certificate as Marie 46 years.
She most likely married in 1922 to Harold Macarthur (1895 – 1943). This marriage ended in divorce.
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Marie married in 1937 in Newcastle to Arthur Raymond Hancock.
She was mentioned in the 1980 electoral roll.

Name: Marie Doris Hancock
Electoral Year: 1980
Subdistrict: Newport
State: New South Wales
District: Mackellar
Country: Australia

Carl Albrecht Wright (1907 – 1971)

Carl was born in Sydney on 29/02/1907.

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note from a descendant:
Wrong spelling of first name not Karl. Date of birth wrong born around 6th May 1906 but his grandmother who registered his birth forgot to do it so to save being fined she made up a date within 12 month period but chose badly as no 29th Feb in 1907

He married to Ivy F Buchan in Coffs Harbour in 1930.
Ivy was born in Lithgow in 1911.

They had 2 children:

  • Rodney Albert Wright (1943 – 2017)

  • Eve Alice Mary Wright (1945 –         )

Carl died in Newcastle on 12/12/1971.
Ivy died in Newcastle on 03/09/2004.
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Rodney Albert Wright (1943 – 2017)

Rodney was born in Newcastle on 22/02/1943.
He married to Maureen Blackwood Brown in Hamilton in 1965.
Rodney died on 14/02/2017 in Hamilton.

Irene Adeline Wright (1910 – 1964)

Irene was born in Canterbury in 1910.

She married to Edward Hadnutt in 1937 in Merewether.
Edward was born in Jan-Mrt 1906 in Camberwell, London.
He left London on 31/12/1924, destination Adelaide, on the “Esperance Bay”.
Edward died in Hamilton on 20/11/1942 and is buried on 24/11/1942.

They had 1 son:

  • Richard Hardnutt (1938 –         )

Irene married in 1943 in West Maitland to Joseph John McManus.
Joseph was born in Redfern on 04/07/1904.

They had 3 children:

  • Brian McManus (1944 –         )

  • Terance McManus (1946 –         )

  • Maria McManus (1950 –        )

  • Patrick Lloyd McManus (1953 – 2002)

Irene died in Hamilton on 01/12/1964.
Joseph died in Birchgrove on 15/06/1980.
Both are buried at Sandgate Cemetery, Newcastle.

Patrick Lloyd McManus (1953 – 2002)

Patrick was born in Newcastle on 31/01/1953.
He died in Sydney on 05/08/2002 and is buried on 07/08/2002 in Sandgate Cemetery, Newcastle.

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Ronald Lloyd Wright (1912 – 1988)

Ronald was born in Redfern on 15/08/1912.

Ronald married to Jean Davey in Newcastle in 1936.
Jean was born on 22/11/1916 in Abermain.

They had 3 children:

  • Ronald Allen Wright
  • Garrick Davey Wright
  • Gloria Sunny Isabel Wright

​Jean died in Hornsby on 09/11/1985.
Ronald died in 1988 in Nelson Bay.