James Kable (1904 – 1947)

James was born in Coonabarabran on 24/09/1904.

He married to Sylvia Jane Williamson (nee Davis) on 20/03/1933 in Sydney. Sylvia was born in Waterloo on 18/12/1903.
Sylvia was married to Edward WH Williamson on 18/12/1922. Edward died in 1927.

​James and Sylvia had 1 son:

  • James John Thomas Kable (1922 – 1972)

Sylvia died in Waterloo on 04/11/1935.
James died in Redfern on 04/10/1947.

James John Thomas Kable (1922 – 1972)

James was born in Sydney on 03/06/1922.

He married to Madeline Mary Crawford in Sydney on 29/03/1941.

Their marriage ended in divorce. Madeline married again, now to Arthur Edward Gray.

 James died in Sydney in April 1972.
Madeline died in Newtown on 20/03/1970.