Annie Evelyn Jarrett (1897 – 1986)

Annie was born in Blayney in 1897.

She married in Wollongong in 1916 to Edward Michael Livermore. Edward was born in Cargo in 1892.

The marriage was registered twice in the registry under the registration numbers 6716/1916 and 6718/1916.

​They had the following children:

  • John Stephen Livermore (1916 – 1994)
  • Kevin Joseph Livermore (1919 – 1964)

  • Annie Patricia Livermore

Annie died in Port Kembla on 02/07/1986.

John Stephen Livermore (1916 – 1994)

John, better known as Livy, was born in Wollongong in 1916.

john married in Waverley in 1946 to Julia Aileen Brennan. Julia was born in 1916 in Young.

Julia died in Port Kembla on 14/06/1990.
John died in Port Kembla on 18/09/1994.

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Kevin Joseph Livermore (1919 – 1964)

Kevin was born in Port Kembla on 16/11/1919.

He married to Lilian Doris Birch in Bulli in 1944. Lilian was born in Bulli on 20/01/1918.

One of their children is deceased:

  • Florence Maureen Livermore (16/02/1945 – 18/02/1945)

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Kevin died on 11/06/1964 in Port Kembla.

Lilian died in Port Kembla on 09/09/2001.

Annie Patricia Livermore

Annie showed up for the first time on the 1963 Electoral Roll for Kembla on the same address Annie Eveline. This indicates that Annie Patricia is born in about 1941. She is most likely the daughter of Kevin and looking after or caring for her grandmother.

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After the death of her father Kevin and grandmother Annie probably moved to Surfers Paradise Queensland. She (or someone with an identical name) was mentioned in the 1972 Electoral Roll for McPherson.
There are nor further details available.