Violet Evelyn Soden (1895 – 1982)

Violet, twin sister of Florence, was born in Bathurst on 27/07/1895.

She married on 29/09/1914 in Bathurst to Leslie John Flynn.
Leslie was born on 17/02/1896 in Rockley.

They had 1 son:

  • Darrel Harcourt (Flynn) Clothier (1914 – 1981)

Leslie deserted his family (see Police Gazettes 1915).
He died in Newcastle NSW on 11/04/1931

Violet remarried in 1916 to Edward Joseph Clothier.
Edward was born on 10/06/1892 in Forbes.

They had 3 children:

  • Thelma Joyce Clothier (1918 – 1989)

  • Mona Lorraine Clothier (1922 – 2004)

  • Nancy Gwendoline Clothier (1930 – 2008)

Edward died in Forbes on 15/12/1954.
Violet died in Young on 17/07/1982.
Both are buried at Forbes Cemetery.
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Darrell (Flynn) Clothier (1914 – 1981)

Darrell was born in Bathurst on 08/11/1914. His birth was registered as Darrell Harcourt Flynn. After the desertion of his father he and/or his mother and step-father changed/used his name as Darrell Clothier.

In the service records Darrell listed Edward (his step-father) as next of kin.

He married to Joyce Elizabeth Briant in 1946 in Ryde, Joyce was born in 1921 in the UK and arrived in May 1924 in Sydney, age 3, with her mother Edith A Briant (34) and brother John Edwin Briant (6), on the ship “Borda”, to join the husband and father Harold John Thomas Briant in Parramatta.

They had 2 daughters:

  • Susan Clothier

  • Narelle Clothier

Darrell died in Sydney on 09/06/1981.

Joyce died on 26/01/2012 in Sydney.

Thelma Joyce Clothier (1918 – 1989)

Thelma was born in Forbes on 04/09/1918.

She married to Joseph Harold Crow in 1936 in Forbes.

The had the following children:

  • Les Crow

  • Mary Crow

  • Jan Crow

  • Harold James Crow (  ?   – 1938)

Around 1950 the family moved from Forbes to Charleville in Queensland.

Joseph died on 05/09/1980 in Charleville QLD.
Thelma died in Charleville on 08/08/1989.
Both are buried at Charleville Cemetery, Murweh Shire QLD.

Mona Lorraine Clothier (1922 – 2004)

Mona was born in Forbes in 1922.

She died in Forbes on 02/03/2004.

The Forbes Advocate of 05/03/2004 wrote with the notice: NB: Memoriam of deaths in Forbes – Eugowra – Bedgerebong (2004) from the registry of Michael Hanley’s Family Funeral Home

Nancy Gwendoline Clothier (1930 – 2008)

Nancy was born in Forbes in August 1930.

She married in Forbes in 1950 to Christopher Allen Trevorrow. Chris was born in Wellington on 06/03/1926.


Chris died in Parkes on 24/03/1998.

Nancy died on 05/01/2008 in Parkes.