Percy Highfield Kable (1907 – 1978)

Percy was born in Granville on 20/11/1907.

He married to Lillie Mary Willing in Granville in 1927.
Lillie (also spelled as Lily and Lilly)  was born in Stannum on 29/03/1908.
She was baptised on 15/06/1908 in St. Mary’s.

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They had the following children:

  • Lawrence Brian Kable (1928 – 1972)

  • Margery June Kable (1932 –      )

Percy died in Guildford on 08/07/1978.

Lillie was on the Electoral Roll of 1980 for Guildford. She died in September 1994 in Mt Defiance NSW.

Lawrence Brian Kable (1928 – 1972)

Lawrence was born in 1928.

He married to Irene Josephine Anderson in Auburn in 1954.

Lawrence died on 24/11/1972 in Oberon.

Margery June Kable (1932 –         )

Margery was born in 1932.

She married to Kenneth Richard Keith Maloney in 1953 in Parramatta.

They have 3 sons.