Grace Elizabeth Kable (1904 – 1995)

Grace was born in Granville on 14/09/1904.


She married to Charles Henry Whiteley in Parramatta on 27/03/1926.

Charles was born in Orange on 01/04/1893.

They had 1 daughter:

  • Valerie June Whiteley (1929 – 1968)

In 1946 Grace went to America and married Glenn Martin.

Mary Elizabeth Kable 1994

Grace (Mary) in 1994 (courtesy B Hennessy through Ancestry)

She died on 06/08/1995 in Marysville, Washington.

Charles died in Wellington NSW on 18/03/1960.

A family story:

Mary was known as Grace all her life. To the date she filed for divorce, so she could marry again, she didn’t realise she had been registered as Mary.
Grace separated from Charles when their daughter Valerie was 12. During WWII Valerie, Grace and Grace’s mother lived in a house at Coogee and billeted U.S marines. This is how she met Glenn. After the war Grace was one of the first civilian transport out of Sydney. Valarie was 17 by then and was given the choice to stay in Australia, what she did.
Grace arrived in America gained a divorce from Charles and married Glenn and became Pat.

She came back to visit a few times and family went to America to visit her a few times.

Valerie June Whiteley (1929 – 1968)

Valerie was born in Sydney on 28/06/1929.

Grace nee Kable & Val whitely

Valerie and her mother Grace

​Valerie had 1 son before she married Dermot:

  • Gordon Lawson Hennesy (1950 – 2013)

It is believed that Gordon was adopted out.

She married to Dermot Thomas Hennessy in Auburn on 14/10/1950. Dermot was born in Paddington on 30/06/1928.

 They had 4 children:

  • Kerry Lance Hennessy (1951 – 2000)
  • 3 children still alive (not identified)

Valerie died in Balmain on 15/09/1968.
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Dermot died on 08/06/1974 in Camperdown.
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Kerry Lance Hennessy (1951 – 2000)

Kerry was born on 17/05/1951 and died in Lidcombe in 2000.

Charles Whitelely and Kerry Hennessy 1946

Kerry with his grandfather Charles Whiteley

He was married and had a son when he died.