Evelyn Jane Kable (1891 – 1974)

Evelyn was born in West Macquarie on 21/04/1891.

She married to Percy James Eades in Parramatta on 29/01/1913.
Percy was born in Parramatta on 29/04/1886.

They had the following children:

  • Keith Alfred Eades (1916 –   ?  )

  • Trevor Lloyd Eades (1919 – 2006)

  • Dudley Edgar Thomas Eades (1923 – 2006)

Percy died in Parramatta on 20/03/1962 and is burried on 22/03/1962 at Rookwood.
Evelyn died on 09/08/1974 in Parramatta and is buried on 13/08/1974 at Rookwood.

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Keith Alfred Kelverton Eades (1916 –    ?   )

Keith was born on 17/05/1916 in Parramatta and baptised on 25/06/1916 at St John in Parramatta.

He married to Edith May Tyndall in 1935 in Parramatta.

Edith was born in Petersham on 11/07/1913.
Edith died in October 1935 in Petersham and is buried in Mays Hill Cemetery in Parramatta.

Keith married in 1936 to Joyce Norma Mary Freeman in Granville.
Joyce was born in Clyde on 28/05/1918.

They divorced in 1945.

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Joyce married in 1946 in Parramatta to K W Marshall (1917 – 1994). Joyce died on 10/01/2005 in Harbourside Haven Nursing Home, Shoal Bay.

No records available for Keith after his mention on the electoral roll for 1972 for Parramatta as a butcher.

Trevor Lloyd Eades (1919 – 2006)

Trevor was born in Parramatta in 1919.

He married to Maise Jacqueline King in 1956 in Wagga Wagga.

Maise died in Albury on 16/22/1980 and is buried at the Outside Riverina Cemetery, Albury.

Trevor died in Albury on 26/08/2006.

Dudley Edgar Thomas Eades (1923 – 2006)

Dudley, known as Doug,  was born in Parramatta on 28/10/1923.

He married to Eileen Mary Bell in 1946 in Burwood. Eileen was born in 1923.

Dudley died in Northmead on 01/11/2006.
Eileen died in Sydney on 17/06/2018.