Mary Therese Mulvihill (1949 – )

Mary was born on 07/12/1949 in Blackheat NSW.

She married on 31/12/1972 in Kern, California to Wayne B Edgerle. Wayne was born on 22/12/1944 in Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2019-12-03-2.pngWayne (photo yearbook 1959 Comstock Park High School, Kent)

They had 1 son.

Wayne died on 03/04/2000 in Tamuning, Guam.

Reunited after 50 years – Posted on Facebook 12/06/2017.

I can honestly say I have shed a lot of tears this weekend. After many years of trying to find my childhood neighbors from the Blue Mountains in Australia this weekend they found me on FB. Growing up I never had any brothers or sisters. But I had these two girls Gloria and Lorraine Lord who I called Gaudy O’Lord and Little Anty their brother Jack and their wonderful parents Aunty Glad and Mr Lord who really were 2nd parents to me. They all meant the world to me. I ran to them in times of great sorrow when my father was hit by a taxi and was unconscious for months afterwards and when he had a stroke 2 years later and when my favorite uncle Ben my Grandfather and my father died close together or when mum wasn’t around. And in times of fear and joy. We played dolls & dressed up in Aunty Glad clothes. Cooked tomato soup on a wood stove in the house alone. Went swimming. Put lipstick on at the movies and so much much more. We stood on our verandahs and called out “Coooeeee” to each other when we wanted to play talk or go somewhere. It’s been 53 years since I moved away. But it feels like yesterday with the avalanches of childhood memories that have been flooding my memories of growing up with them. I feel incredibly blessed and grateful to them for their abundance of love caring and kindness showered to my parents and I. And to FB for making this wonderful amazing reunion possible.