Evelyn Jane Murphy (1904 – 1970)

Evelyn was born in Blayney in 1904.

She married to Eric Matthew John Finn in 1923 in Wollongong.
Eric was born on 13/01/1903 in Dulwich Hill.

They had the following children:

  • Daphne Joyce Finn (1923 – 1999)

  • Eric Matthew John Finn (1925 – 1992)

  • James Patrick Finn (1927 –        )

Eric died in Wollongong on 16/07/1958 and is burioed in Macquarie Park Cemetry.
Evelyn died in Inverell, late of Wollongong, on 08/12/1970 and is buried in Wollongong.

Daphne Joyce Finn (1923 – 1999)

Daphne was born on 11/07/1923.

She married to Arthur Roy Callaway in 1946 in  Wollongong.
Arthur was born in Wollongong on 23/03/1922.

Daphne married again, after the divorce, to Eric Joseph Young in 1966 in Burwood.

Arthur died on 22/10/1993 in Figtree.

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Daphne died on 16/08/1999, advertised in the Illawara Mercury.
Eric died in Melbourne on 04/02/2014.

Eric Matthew John Finn (1925 – 1992)

Eric was born in Bombo on 25/04/1925.
He married to Dawn Stapley in Wollongong in 1949.

There are no records for Dawn.
Eric died in Dapto on 22/11/1992.

James Patrick Finn (1927 –         )

James was born in 1927.

He was living at the same address as his parents, and after their death he was living there alone.

Last know record is from 1980 Electoral roll.