George Littleton Gaudry (1879 – 1944)

George was born in Picton on 11/07/1879.

He married in 1904 to Mona Winifred Herrick.

They had 2 children:

  • Jack Littleton Gaudry (1899 – 1950)

  • Frederick George Gaudry (1904 – 1967)

What happened to Mona is unknown.

George married again in 1917 to Alethea Sophia Shiels. She was born in Cooma in 1884. They had no children together.

George died in Wyong on 13/03/1944 and is buried in Wyee.

Alethea died 03/12/1965 in Sydney and is buried in R.C Sect. Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park Botany NSW.

HS George L Gaudry

Jack Lyttleton Gaudry (1899 – 1950)

Jack was born in Sydney on 08/07/1899.

He married to Thelma Agnes Schroder in 1923 in Woollahra. Thelma was born in Sydney in 1902.

They had 3 children:

  • Rita Gaudry

  • Gwen Gaudry

  • Jack Gaudry (1924 –        )

Jack sr. died in Sydney on 18/12/1950.
Thelma died on 11/05/1969 in Paddington.

Jack was born on 29/04/1924 kin Sydney.
He married to Phyllis Clarice Montgommery in Sydney in 1949.
They both are listed on the electoral 1980 for Springvale VIC.

Frederick George Gaudry (1904 – 1967)

Frederick was born in Woollahra on 05/10/1904.

He married to Mary Margaret Maron on 27/11/1926 in Waverley.
Mary was born in Waverley on 09/01/1906.

They had 9 children.

Frederick died in Bondi Junction on 21/03/1967.
Mary died in Waverley on 29/07/1977.