Margaret Diana Gaudry (1892 – 1965)

Margaret was born on 22/12/1892 at Burragorang Valley NSW.
She married on 23/11/1918 in Newtown to Henry Madden.
Henry was born on 12/01/1890 at Bogan River Peak Hill NSW.

They had the following children:

  • Lawrence Roland Madden (1919 – 2003)

  • Joan Marie Madden (1924 –   ?  )

  • Henry Joseph Madden (1928 – 2004)

Margaret died in Balmain on18/11/1965 and is buried in Rookwood.
Henry died in Camperdown on 15/11/1979 and is also buried in R/C Rookwood.

Lawrence Roland Madden (1919 – 2003)

He married to Sarah Margaret Gerrard in 1948 in Balmain. Sarah was born in Balmain on 27/10/1926.


They had 2 children.

  • Private Madden

  • Kathleen Mary Madden (1953 – 1982)

Lawrence died in Marrickville on 31/08/2003 and is buried at Rookwood Necropolis: Sydney War Cemetery, Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia.
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Sarah died on 07/06/2011 in Camperdown.

Kathleen Mary Madden (1953 – 1982)

Kathleen was born in Sydney on 26/11/1953.

She was married and had 1 daughter

  • Lisa, born in 1981

Kathleen died on 22/06/1982 in Camperdown.

Joan Marie Madden (1924 –           )

Joan was born in Camperdown in 1924.

She married to Francis Bernhard Volk in 1950 in Annandale. Francis was born on 11/06/1917 in Camperdown.

They had 3 children.

Francis died in Bankstown on 30/09/2005.

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Henry Joseph Madden (1928 – 2004)

Henry was born in Camperdown in 1928.

He never married  and lived all his life in Camperdown. His occupation was listed as clerk.

Henry died on 03/09/2004 in Coffs Harbour Health Campus, formerly of Camperdown.