Edward Michael Egan (1874 – 1936)

Edward was born on 07/05/1874 in Burragorang NSW. He married on 28/02/1914 in Meth. Pars., Camden to Mabel Ada Ditton. Mabel was born on 30/06/1877 in Vanderville NSW.

They had the following children:

  • Dorothy Helen Gaudry Egan (1915 – 1959)

  • Eunice Mary Egan (1918 – 2000)

  • Robert Edward Alan Egan (1921 – 1996)

  • Margaretta Beatrice Anzac Egan (1923 – 1998)

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Edward with youngest daughter Margaretta. (courtesy Allison Magree)

Edward died on 11/10/1936 in Oakdale.

obituary EM Egan

Mabel died in Camden on 20/03/1964.

HS Edward Mabel and Dorothy Egan

Dorothy Helen Gaudry Egan (1915 – 1959)

Dorothy was born in Camden on 07/09/1915.

She never married and died in Camden on 20/11/1959. She is buried together with her parents.

Eunice Mary Egan (1918 – 2000)

Eunice was born in Camden on 13/04/1918.

She married to Sydney Howard Curran in Black Forest on 19/04/1947. Sydney was born in Henley Park SA on 19/09/1908.

They had 2 children.

Sydney died in Daw Park SA on 27/01/1982 and is buried at Centennial Park Cemetery, Pasadena, South Australia, Australia.
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Eunice died in Ashford SA in 2000.

Robert Edward Alan Egan (1921 – 1996)

Robert. known as Alan, was born in Camden on 07/04/1921.

He married to Shirley Joan Gapes in Camden on 22/12/1951. Shirley was born in 1928.

Robert died on 07/07/1996 in South West Rocks.

Shirley died in South West Rocks on 18/10/2005.

Margaretta Beatrice Anzac Egan (1923 – 1998)

Margaretta “Madge” was born in Camden on Anzac Day, 25/04/1923.

She married to Leslie “Poppy” Magree in Sydney on 07/02/1948.
Leslie was born in Punchbowl on 27/03/1923.

They had 5 children:

  • Mary Magree
  • Robert Magree
  • John Magree
  • Catherine (Cathy) Ann Magree
  • David Antony Magree (1959 – 2009)

Leslie died on 15/12/1993 in Canowindra.
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Madge died in Canowindra on 13/01/1998.
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David Antony Magree (1959 – 2009)

David was born in 1959. He was married to Julee and had 3 children.

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David died on 23/11/2009 as a result of the injuries sustained in a mining accident in the Tanami Desert.

The Canowindra News published on 15/12/2009 an mention regarding this tragedy. The article reads:

David Magree was struck by an underground loader at the Granites Gold Mine on the Tanami Desert, 580kms north west of Alice Springs NT. The accident happened at 7pm on Sunday, November 22. Dave died on-site approximately 6 hours later from injuries sustained in the accident. The accident had occurred 1.1kms underground. Dave’s brother Bob, (who also works at the same mine) was at home in Darwin at the time. Dave moved to Canowindra at age 8 in 1967 when his parents bought the Junction Hotel. Dave was educated at St Edwards School and went on to own the local milk-run. Dave is survived by his wife Julee (also from Canowindra) and his three children Michael, Allison and Rachel.

The article in the paper can be found here.