George Littleton Gaudry Wintle (1891 – 1970)

George (known as Leo) was born in Picton on 03/04/1891.

He married on 26/05/1914 in Redfern to Caroline Isobel King.
Caroline was born in Redfern on 07/03/1895.

They had 4 children:

  • George William Wintle (1914 – 2001)

  • Edna May Wintle (1919 – 2014)

  • Donald Joseph Wintle (  ?  – 2008)

  • Dorothy Joy Wintle (   ?  – 2008)

George died on 18/07/1970 in Kingsford and is buried in Botany.
Caroline died in Kingsford on 20/03/1976 and is also buried in Botany.

George William Wintle (1914 – 2001)

George was born in Redfern on 08/09/1914.

He married to Ellen Wingrove Meyer in 1940 in Kingsford. Ellen was born in 1917.

George died in Botany on 02/08/2001.

Ellen died on 23/03/2006 in Botany.

Edna May Wintle (1919 – 2014)

Edna was born in South  Kensington NSW on 24/10/1919.

She married to Alfred William Heaton in Darlinghurst on 26/10/1940.

They had 2 children.

Alfred died in Sydney on 02/06/1970.

Edna died on 03/07/2014 in Malabar.

Dorothy Joy Wintle (   ?   – 2008)

It is unknown when Dorothy was born. Most likely about 1925, she appears on the electoral roll for Kingston in 1949 for the first time.

She married to Stephen William Ryan in Redfern in 1955. Stephen was born in Waterloo in 1905. He was a storeman at the same address where Dorothy was a tobacco worker.

Stephen died in Kingsford on 13/05/1969.

Dorothy died on 19/07/2008.

Both are buried at Matraville, Randwick.

Donald Joseph Wintle (   ?   – 2008)

It is unknown when Donald was born.

On the electoral rolls he showed up at the address of his mother as a tobacco worker, the last one in 1977 for Kingsford.

On the electoral roll for 1980 he was living together with Susan Lee in Kingsford.

Donald died on 21/06/2008 in NSW.