John Henry Teale (1899 – 1951)

John, known as Jack, was born in Riverstone on 30/06/1899.

He married to Jean Ashton in Marrickville on 14/01/1924.
Jean was born Burwood on 13/02/1898.

Jack was enlisted on 22/02/1918 in Sydney. The last unit her served with was the 53rd Infantry Battalion.
For more information re his Service History click on his picture below.

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They had the following children:

  • Delma Yvonne Teale (1925 – 2016)

  • Jean Teale (1927 – 2011)

  • John Frederick Teale (1929 – 1994)

  • Nancy Teale (1930 – 2003)

John died suddenly (heart attack) on 03/09/1951 in Burwood.
Jean died on 02/03/1973 in Parramatta.

HS JH and J Teale

Delma Yvonne Teale (1925 – 2016)

Delma was born on 27/10/1925.

She married to Frederick John Groves in Parramatta on 08/01/1945.
Frederick was born in 1924.

Frederick died on 09/11/2009 in Kenthurst.

Delma died in Kenthurst on 06/03/2016.

Jean Teale (1927 – 2011)

Jean was born on 17/01/1927.

She married to Trevor Keith Pike in 1950 in Parramatta. Trevor was born on 12/01/1925.

They had 2 children.

Trevor died on 03/04/2004 in Carlingford.

Jean died on 19/05/2011 in Parramatta.

John Frederick Teale (1929 – 1994)

John was born on 04/03/1929.

He married to Gloria Eileen Dawn Niass in Parramatta in 1948.

They had 1 daughter.

John died, age 64, on 26/10/1994.

Nancy Teale (1930 – 2003)

Nancy was born in 1930.

She married to Keith William Johnson in 1949 in Auburn.

They had 2 children.

Keith died in 1964 in Queensland.

In 1966 in Parramatta, Nancy married to Edward James Andrews. Edward was born on 17/08/1928 and he died on 13/03/1988 and is buried in Richmond at the Presbyterian Cemetery.

Nancy died on 14/02/2003 (assumed and not confirmed).