Elizabeth Rochester (1873 – 1954)

Elizabeth was born in Mudgee on 30/10/1873.
She married on 28/09/1898 in Mudgee to William John Drew.
William was born on 12/01/1874 in Hartley.

They had the following children:

  • Irene Vera E Drew (1899 – 1963)

  • James Cyril G Drew (1901 – 1990)

  • Daisy Frances Ella Drew (1903 – 1961)

  • Stanley Ernest Jack Drew (1906 – 1973)

The family moved to New Zealand in about 1902. Daisy and Stanley were born in New Zealand.

William died in Karori, Wellington on 04/02/1915.

Below is part of the news article in the Mudgee Guardian and NW-Representative of 11/02/1915:
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Elizabeth died on 26/05/1954 in Wellington NZ.

Irene Vera E Drew (1899 – 1963)

Irene was born in Mudgee on 09/04/1899.

She married to Victor Baden Pole in 1923 in New Zealand. Victor was born in Hutt, Wellington NZ in the 3rd quarter of 1900.

Irene died in Auckland NZ on 18/01/1963.
Victor died on 15/12/1965 in Auckland NZ.

James Cyril George Drew (1901 – 1990)

James was born in Mudgee on 05/06/1901.

He married to Louisa Annie Piper in 1925 in New Zealand. Louisa was born in Wellington in 1905. They most likely divorced about 1952.

​James moved to North Shore Auckland and married Florence Melva (no family name).

James died on 20/09/1990 in Auckland.

Daisy Frances Ella Drew (1903 – 1961)

Daisy was born on 08/04/1903 in New Zealand.

She married to Lindsay Thomas Henry Valintine in 1922 in NZ. Lindsay was born on 11/03/1897 in Tasmania.

They had 1 son:

  • Lindsay Trevor Ainsley Valintine (1923 – 2004)

Daisy died on 02/10/1961 in Auckland NZ and was cremated on 04/10/1962.

Lindsay died on 08/11/1979 in Palmerston North and is buried at Manawatu, Horowhenua, NZ.

Lindsay Trevor Ainsley Valintine (1923 – 2204)

Lindsay Jr was born on 15/02/1923 in Wellington.
He married to Joan (Family name unknown).
Lindsay died on 14/11/2004 in Wallace Road, Mangare Bridge, Auckland.

Stanley Ernest Jack Drew (1906 – 1973)

Stanley was born in New Zealand on 19/04/1906.

He married to Ilene May Penerice in 1925 in NZ. Ilene was born in the 4th quarter of 1905 in Carterton, Wellington NZ.

They divorced early 1930’s. Ilene married twice more. She died on 30/03/1961 in Auckland NZ under her married name Cooke.

Stanley married in about 1942 to Iris Margaret (no family name).

Stanley died in 1973 in New Zealand.