William Henry Arthur Teale (1884 – 1921)

William was born on 22/09/1884 in Young. He married on 04/08/1913 to Eva Margaret Spencer in Queensland.

Eva was born in St Ives England in 1879.

They had one daughter:

  • Neta Spencer Teale (1917 – 2000)

William died on 04/07/1921 (age 36) in Young and is burried in Kyogle. Cause of death: Abscess of neck and throat, septicaemia

Eva died in 1968 in Sandringham (registered in Sandford) Victoria.

Neta Spencer Teale (1917 – 2000)

Neta was born in Kyogle on 17/12/1917.

She married to Reginald Morris Brown in 1938 in Brisbane. Reginald was born in Canley Vale on 17/09/1915. His WWII military service records listed his birthday as 17/10/1915.

They had 2 daughters.

Neta died on 26/03/2000 in Sandringham VIC.

Reginald died in Melbourne on 31/08/2005.