Eric James Wentworth Durrington (1889 – 1964)

Eric was born on 24/02/1889 in Windsor . On 28/08/1915 he married Laura Brown at St Matthews C/E in Windsor.

Laura was born in Sackville on 05/07/1884.
Laura and Amy, the wife of Harold (Eric’s brother) are sisters.

The following children were born:

  • Charles Harold Durrington (1916 – 1996)

  • Eric Wentworth Durrington (1918 – 1973)

  • Royal Bruce Durrington (1920 – 1982)

Laura died on 06/05/1951 in Richmond.
Her obituary in the Windsor and Richmond Gazette of Wednesday 9 May 1951:

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Eric on 10/07/1964 in Richmond and both are buried at St Peters in Richmond.

HS Durrington Laura Eric Charles Fay

Charles Harold Durrington (1916 – 1996)

Charles was born in Richmond on 21/06/1916.

He didn’t marry till late in his life, end of 1986 or later, to Fay Lorraine Watters. Fay was born in 1936 and was married in 1953 in Guyra to Raymond Ernest Thiele (1931 – 1986) with whom she had 2 children.

Charles died on 13/10/1996 in Richmond.

Fay died on 07/03/2008 in Richmond.

Eric Wentworth Durrington (1918 – 1973)

Eric  was born in Richmond on 19/07/1918 and baptised on 01/09/1918 in Windsor, St. Matthews C/E.

He married to Laurel Edith Roots in Windsor on 29/11/1941. Laurel was born in 1913 in Casino.

They had 2 children:

  • Erica Margaret Durrington (   ?   – 2014)

  • Laurette Maree Durrington

Laurel died in Newtown on 22/09/1966.

Eric died on 29/06/1973 in Windsor.

Erica Margaret Durrington (   ?   – 2014)

Erica married in 1962 in Windsor to Barry Thomas Cragg.
Erica died on 21/08/2014 in Windsor/Richmond.

Laurette Maree Durrington

Laurette married in 1964 in Richmond to Irving George Langley.

Royal Bruce Durrington (1920 – 1982)

Royal was born in Richmond on 26/04/1920 and baptised on 06/06/1920 in Windsor, St. Matthews C/E.

He never married and was living with his brother Charles and working on the farm.

Royal died in Richmond on 13/07/1982.