Rev. David Henry Teale Gosper (1881 – 1941)

David was born in Windsor on 02/11/1881.

He married on 28/04/1908 to Muriel May Sly.
She was born on 04/04/1881 in Richmond.

They produced the following 8 children:

  • Kenneth John Teale Gosper (1908 – 1909)

  • Horace Carl Teale Gosper (1910 – 1962)

  • Gertrude Francis Gosper (1911 – 1981)

  • Gresham George Gosper (1912 – 1979)

  • Blanche Ailsa Teale Gosper (1915 – 1987)

  • Leila Kathleen Teale Gosper (1917 – 1992)

  • Daryl Vernon Gosper (1918 – 1936)

  • Maurice Selwin Teale Gosper (1919 – 1964)

David died on 24/05/1941 in Sydney.
Muriel died on 11/02/1962 in Deniliquin, NSW.

Obituary SMH 28/05/1941

The Rev David Henry Teale Gosper, Church of England rector at Ariah Park, in the Riverina diocese, died in a private hospital in Sydney on Friday. He was 59.

Mr. Gosper leaves a widow and six children. Mrs. L. Nicholls, of Windsor, is his sister.

Mr. Gosper was educated at St Francis College, Brisbane. He was ordained a deacon in 1912 and a priest in 1913. He was rector of Ingham, Queensland, for some years. In 1926 he became rector of Balranald, and later was appointed to Ariah Park.

Kenneth John Teale Gosper (1908 – 1909)

Kenneth was born in Queensland in Nov. 1908, registered as Kenneth John Gosper.

He died in QLD on 25/01/1909 and is registered as Kenneth John Teale Gosper.

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Horace Carl Teale-Gosper (1910 – 1962)

Horace was born in Richmond on 21/01/1910.

He married to Laura Alice Phipps in Ryde on 26/12/1940. Laura was born in Richmond on 22/06/1916.

They had 2 children:

  • David Carl Teale-Gosper (1941 – 2009)

  • Robin May Teale-Gosper (   ?    – 2016)

Horace died in Matraville on 30/08/1962.

The Sydney Morning Herald

31 August 1962

Gosper, Horace Carl Teale – August 30, 1962, at his residence, 35 Beauchamp Road, Matraville, dearly loved husband of Laura, dear father of David and Robin, aged 52 years. At rest.

Laura died on 08/07/1983 in Brighton le Sands.

David Carl Teale Gosper (1941 – 2009)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is david-teale-gosper.jpgDavid (courtesy Ancestry)

David was born on 21/06/1941 in Richmond. He married to Patricia Carol Miners in 1967 in Sydney.

There son Corin David Teale-Gosper (1970 – 2005) was married to Donna Jane Rickards.
Corin was the GGGreat-Grandson of Diana, George Esto’s sister.
Donna is the GGGreat-Granddaughter of George Esto, Diana’s brother.

Robin May Teale Gosper (   ?   – 2016)

It is not known when  Robin was born. He (most likely) died in Brisbane on 05/05/2016.

Gertrude Frances Teale-Gosper (1911 – 1981)

Gertrude was born in QLD on 18/05/1911.

She married to William Raymond Poulton in 1934 in Balranald.
William was born in Hopetoun VIC in 1908.

They had 3 daughters.

Gertrude died on 30/04/1981 in Stanley VIC.
William died on 29/07/1996 in Heidelberg VIC.
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Gresham George Teale-Gosper (1912 – 1979)

Gresham was born on 21/11/1912 in Queensland.

He married to Hazeldine Catherine McDonald in 1932 in Balranald.

Gresham died on 15/01/1979, registered in NSW. He is cremated in Melbourne.

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Blanche Ailsa Teale-Gosper (1915 – 1987)

Blanche was born in Sarina QLD on 03/06/1915.

She married to Robert Carter Fryer in Sydney on 04/12/1958.
Robert was born in Balwyn VIC on 05/04/1907. He was married before to Edna May Bryan (1905 – 1991) and had 3 children from this marriage:

  • Robert Bryan Fryer (1929 – 20090
  • Neil Kenneth Fryer (1931 – 2014)
  • Alisa Margaret Fryer (1940 – 2004) 

Robert died in Leichhardt on 08/08/1985.
Blanche died in Sydney on 24/10/1987.

Leila Kathleen Teale Gosper (1917 – 1992)

Leila was born on 17/02/1917 in Queensland.
She married in 1938 in Ardlethan to Robert Rennie Nisbet. Robert was born in Deniliquin on 16/09/1909.

They had 3 children:

  • Dorothy Nisbet
  • Robert Nisbet
  • Daryl Nisbet

Robert died in Deniliquin on 11/08/1982.
Leila died on 23/09/1992 in Deniliquin.
Both are buried at Deniliquin Cemetery.

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Daryl Vernon Teale-Gosper (1918 – 1936)

Daryl was born on 21/04/1918 in Queensland.

He died on 03/05/1936 in Kerang VIC as the result of a car accident.

Riverina Recorder (Balranald, Moulemein, NSW 1887 – 1944)

Motor Accident.

Two Local Men Hurt.

One Seriously.

While motoring back from Melbourne on Thursday, and at a point 14 miles this side of Kerang, the front wheel came off the truck which Mr. Mal Fenby was driving. The result was that the car turned over twice throwing both occupants to the roadway. Mr. D. Gosper was badly knocked about and was picked up unconscious with a deep gash in the back of his head. Both were admitted to hospital where it was found that Mr. Gosper also had a fracture of the skull.

Mr. Fenby, although badly shaken, escaped with minor injuries and abrasions and will remain a few days in hospital.

Rev. D. H. teale-Gosper, accompanied by Dr. Kenny, left for Kerang on Friday afternoon, where an operation was performed by Dr. Kenny, and it is reported that Mr. Gosper has a fighting chance of pulling through.

The truck in which the unfortunate men were driving, was badly damaged and the merchandise which they were carrying, scattered over the roadway.

Saturday 9 May 1936.

Death Of Mr. Darrel Gosper.

We reported in our last issue a motor accident in which Messrs. Malcolm Fenby and Darrell Gosper were injured. The injuries received by Gosper proved fatal and he passed away on Sunday morning last.

In recounting the accident Mr. Fenby stated that they were travelling along a good piece of road when the front tyre blew out. This caused the back wheel to collapse when the car swerved.

Of what happened after that Mr. Fenby remembered very little. Fortunately a trained nurse was quickly on the scene and rendered first-aid. Mr. Fenby was walking around in dazed condition and his only remark was to look after his “cobber” who was lying unconscious on the roadway.

The injured men were conveyed to a private hospital in Kerang.

Mr. Gosper lingered two days and died from his injuries.

Quite a gloom passed over the town when it was made known that this young man had passed away. He was an extremely popular lad and had worked for Messrs. Fenby and Russ for the past couple of years and proved himself and very efficient and painstaking employee. He had just turned 18 years of age and to think of him being taken under such sad circumstances, must have come as a very severe shock to his parents and brothers and sisters.

As a mark of respect a large cortege of cars followed the funeral to the Balranald cemetery where the remains were interred in the Church of England portion of the Balranald cemetery.

Many wreaths were sent by sympathisers.

We offer our deepest sympathy to the Rev. and Mrs. D. H. Teale-Gosper and family for their sad loss and we feel sure the citizens deeply feel for them in the loss of their son.

Maurice Selwyn Teale-Gosper (1919 – 1964)

Maurice was born in Richmond on 18/11/1919.

He married to Doreen Frances Pope in Sydney on 11/10/1947. Doreen was born in Kentucky QLD on 28/11/1928.

They had 1 son:

  • Kevin Allan Gosper (1961 – 1963)

Maurice died on 19/01/1964 in Auburn.

Doreen died in Sydney on 30/11/1970.

Inscription reads: In Loving memory of my dear husband & Our dear son and brother Maurice Gosper (maurice selwyn) died 19th Jan 1964 aged 45 years Kevin Allan Gosper died 21st Jan 1963 aged 19 months